Painting walls in an urban environment, develop a style, then master the art of the street.
Traditional patterns, ornaments, travel relics, symbols, forgotten images are the raw material of a personal composition, a monolog of the soul, in search of timeless knowledge.

THE FEATHER IS STRONGER THAN THE SWORD - 10 x 8 m / Wynwood, RC Cola Plant / MIAMI / 2018
Inspired by the famous quote « The feather is stronger than the sword », this mural claims that ideas and freedom of speech represented by the writing feather are mightier than weapons. This concept would encourage us to privilege the use of thought more than the violence. Also the symmetrical composition around the two doors pushes us to make a choice between the two paths.. Thanks to the beautiful people of BASEL HOUSE for invited me to paint this during the Art Week in Miami.

LA VOIE LACTÉE - Tribute to Hubert Reeves - 9 x 7 m / Montreal (CA) / DeLorimier & Bélanger / 2018

LE POUVOIR DE LA LECTURE - 12 x 3 m / Montreal (CA) / Jarry & Casgrain / 2018

THE APPLE OF KNOWLEDGE - LA POMME DU SAVOIR - 6x28 m / Marché Jean Talon - Montreal (CA) / 2017 / photo @Fuji_ju

THE WILD NATURE OF ARTEMIS - 10 x 3 m / Montreal (CA) / Casgrain & Castelnau / 2018
This piece goes hand in hand with the mural "The apple of knowledge" located at Jean Talon market. This feminine warrior of nature (ref: Artemis) pulls the silver arrow that will land in the apple of the other mural, located at two corners of streets. These are two murals that communicate with each other, like a treasure hunt in the city.
Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, always accompanied by a bow, silver arrows and his favorite plant: the Myrtle. She has the power to cause epidemics and on the contrary has the power to heal. It's up to you to choose whether the arrow that it pulls in the apple will provoke hunger or healing.

EQUALITY  -  40x10m / Station RER "Le Bourget" - Paris (FR) / 2017

CAMPESINO  -  8x2,5m / Produced by Tulum Art Club / Residencia Gorila - Tulum - MEXICO / 2017

CASH GROCERY - Sainte Famille / Milton - Montreal (CA) / 2016

MAS - Penser à prendre le temps  5850 Papineau - Montreal (CA)

MENOS 5849 Papineau - Montreal (CA)

LE TEMPS QUE CHEVAUCHE L'ENFANT  Beaubien & C. Colomb - Montreal (CA)

LA COUR ARRIÈRE   Bélanger & Garnier  - Montreal (CA)

PRINCIPITO Favela - Cordoba (ARG)

ARAWAK TAINOS Padilla 921 - Buenos Aires (ARG)

CONFLICT Saint-Zotique & Esplanade, Montreal (CA)

BALANCE Saint-Zotique & Esplanade, Montreal (CA)


HIER C'EST LA JEUNESSE Garnier, Jean Talon & Montreal (CA)

LA NEGRA DE LACANDONA - Cordoba (ARG) streetart travel

FORGOTTEN MEMORIES  Beaubien & 9e Avenue - Montreal (CA)