Process of the serie “Faces of Tradition” realized during the preparation of Miami Art Basel show 2018
Video: PampaStudio / Music: Araguaya Meraki Octo&Shark - Bruxelles à Minuit

Paintings on Carpet by Mateo - Exhibition at Galerie Leroyer, Montreal - Mural Festival, June 2018

Mateo's practice is influenced by a decade-long globe-trot, leaving his mark by painting murals along his path. His desire to combine his street and studio work, as well as to embrace the diverse cultures and symbols he amassed during his travels emerged as his iconic painted traditional carpets. Redefining the tradition behind the object itself, Mateo's carpets are rearranged from their conventional disposition by being hung and represent ornamented faces of women, who are historically linked to the weaving of carpets. Adorned with ancient motifs as well as tribal and spiritual metaphors, the towering carpets are painted by the artist with striking feminine features. This series of artworks forces us to question our cultural identity and universal consciousness in a relentless system that pushes for uniformity and homogeneity in contemporary mass culture.
Music: Mateo Kingman - Lluvia (Kurup Remix)

Painting at MURAL Festival 2016 with the Montreal family.
Mural is a unique event in northeastern North America, MURAL is Canada’s largest artistic gathering to blend creation of large-scale works and lasting transformation of the urban landscape. More info : Video: ABCDF Music: Black tiger sex machine (Religion) and JOYRYDE (HARI KARI)

« MAS » 5850 Papineau / 15x12m / latex & spray paint
If I had to resume this mural in one quote it would be: ''remind yourself to take time''. In a society of consumption where everything keeps going faster and we always desire more we shouldn’t fail to remind ourselves to slow down, and therefore take the time to better ourselves as individuals.

ARAWAK TAINOS - Buenos Aires, Padilla 921  /  PRINCIPITO, Cordoba
A street art journey in Argentina
video : Pilar Diamante   Music : Radiokijada : Manoteo en Menor Remix